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Hervey White a believer in cooperation rather then competition first a Byrdcliffe art Colony then at a farm he bought which during WWI became known as "The Maverick" which attracted people interested in a new way of life. -- Musicians, bohemians, artists, social innovators. more...  

Albert Grossman, manager of popular folk singers living in Woodstock ~ Bob Dylan moved into Byrdcliffe ~ Joan Baez ~ Peter Paul and Mary and other folk singers ~ Dylan Blowin' in the wind 1962. ~ Counter Culture ~ Gatherings...  

I was at Woodstock 69
Along with half a million others, I was at Woodstock 69. I'd have to call it the experience of a lifetime....



Glastonbury Festival UK
Famous the world over for its tents, mud and music.
There always seems to be something 'on' in ! The annual music Festival, the Children's Festival, the Dance Festival, the Goddess Conference, the Crop Circle Symposium, the Carnival and much, much more. Here you will find a comprehensive listing of the Major Annual events...

Woodstock Artists Association & Museum

Pat Horner
28 Tinker St.
Woodstock, NY    845 679-2940
Gallery & Museum of Regional Art.






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